Friday, July 26, 2013

making childhood memories

Looking back on my childhood, my best memories came from the traveling we were able to do. Whether it was visiting family in Tennessee, sitting on the beaches of Kauai, or camping on the northern coast of California, these are the moments I cherish the most of growing up.  The Mr. and I have always made traveling a fairly big priority to us, even though the funds aren't always bountiful, we find ways to get out and about, without spending a fortune.  Now that we have Everly, these trips seem even more important, because I know that we are starting to build those "extra special" memories of her childhood.

Earlier this week we had the most beautiful day trip to Bodega Bay, California. It was sunny, not a breeze to be felt, and the beach was empty because we were there fairly early. Growing up we went camping here every year [and when I mean camping, I mean we backed in the biggest rented motor home we could into the beach front spot, we were those people].  But in our defense, Wright's Beach can be pretty brutal on tent campers, we saw our fair share of people chasing their tents around the campground in the middle of the night, so, there you go.  Everly was very serious at the beach.  She had what we refer to as her "ride face" on for most of the trip.  A super straight-faced stare where her enjoyment seems to be masked by her intense observing skills.  We enjoyed a walk the length of the beach, a very low tide, some tricky sand to walk barefoot in, and as the morning went on, the sun really came out, the sweaters came off, and a few doggies were there for Everly to talk to.  All in all, it was a great little side adventure while visiting the Santa Rosa area.  

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