Saturday, July 27, 2013

oh hey, I'm 37 weeks old

well, I'm closer to 38 weeks
but who's counting
[oh mom is, that's right]
lately I've been acting like quite the quirkster
I love making so many crazy faces
and I've been doing a little blinking "I'm so cute" face
I also like crawling all around the house
and then I turn around to see if anyone has noticed that I've left the room
and yes, they always find me
but it is a pretty fun game to play, so I'll keep it up for a bit
I love waving and talking to all the neighborhood doggies
[I think we are the only cat people around here]
this week I've also been eating my weight in blueberries and pasta
and mom is trying to teach me some signs
right now I just flail my arms when she does the sign for "more"
but, I think mom gets that this is my "yes"
and I get more blueberries
so everyone is happy

oh, and how could I forget?!?
I now wear size 2 diapers
yes folks, just shy of nine months old
and I'm finally moving on up in the world
they are huge still, and you cannot even see the design on the front
because they are so overlapped around my waist
but the size 1's were just not cutting it anymore
so yay, there's a mini milestone
as for clothes, mom thought I was growing out of size 6 months
because the new dress she bought me was seeming snug
but no, I'm not growing out of that size
because that silly mom of mine had accidentally picked up the 3 month size
oops, thankfully target has an amazing exchange policy
looks like I'll be hanging out in the 6 month range till fall
-Everly Mae

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