Tuesday, July 30, 2013

oh hey, I'm 38 weeks old

I'm officially 38 weeks old
and for me that means I've popped up the fourth tooth on top
and six in total
and I think all of these teeth are really making food a tad more enjoyable
and when I smile it is hard not to see all of my pearly whites
in other news
I started clapping today
sometimes just for fun
and other times when I'm super happy with something
or pleased with myself
I like crawling about just to stop
try to stand up, raise my hands in the air
and then clap
it seems to make everyone around me pretty happy
so I'll keep it up

this was me this past weekend at my mom's graduation party
the day was perfect
great weather
family and friends had traveled from all over to be there
and there some pretty yummy food too
and yes, for the record, this is the fanciest I've ever been
thank you to our friend colin for getting me this very pretty dress
it took some time, but it finally fits!
and that beautiful headband was also a gift from my baby shower
so I was pretty in pink for the day
maybe I'll try the whole girlie thing more often
-Everly Mae


  1. I always read your posts but don't often comment, I have to say, your little girl looks adorable in that beautiful dress - so cute!!

    1. Thanks Jill! It was pretty funny watching her navigate such a foofy dress, especially when it came to crawling! But I think it was worth it ;)