Monday, July 29, 2013

the afternoon still

the light is gleaming through heavily angled blinds
the temperature in the house is comfortably cool in this unseasonable
july weather
and the house is still
no air conditioner needed
no humming fans distracting the moment
luna and daddy are napping
daddy after three very early shifts in a row
and luna, well, she's a cat, it comes with the territory
especially when being chased by a crazed baby most of the day
there is no t.v. in the background
no outside noises
the house is still
and after some very busy days lately
I am soaking up these few moments of silence
 everly and I are enjoying an afternoon snack together
we started with some watermelon chunks leftover from
yesterday's party
and a few chilled pasta noodles

then I decided to try a puree fruit and veggie pouch
the ones I've tried many times on the go
only to find my daughter not eating much
and wearing all of it
but today is different
we grab a rubber coated spoon
and give it all another whirl
everly just smiled
and opened that adorable little mouth of hers
and ate
bite after bite we giggled and smiled
the moment was perfect
and sweet
and no one was there to see it
and I think that made it even better
because it was just ours
and it really wasn't anything but the sweetest little moment
and I loved it

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