Wednesday, July 24, 2013

we're back!

Yes, with the lack of posting regularity that occurs around here now that I'm a mama, you probably didn't notice I had "unplugged" myself for a few days, but I did, tricky, tricky me!  The husband and I enjoyed a little getaway with our Everly to celebrate our five year anniversary.  We found a great deal on a hotel in the Santa Rosa area, and between this being the home of my best friend, only about an hour and a half drive from our home, and close to the coast, we decided it was the perfect place for our trip.  Over the next few days I'll share more of our trip, which was really just what we needed, but for now, I'm exporting a ton of photos to an external hard drive [back up your pictures people, my sister works at apple and begs you, they can't work miracles every time], and my baby and mr. are waiting for me to watch a movie.

When traveling with a baby I now realize that things go a certain way on the last day to make you happy to be home.  For us, let's just say our daughter wore four outfits today in total, and I was very ok to be home.  But before all that, the days really couldn't have been better.  Check out that picture of us at the beach, not even a breeze in the air to ruin this family photo.  Typically, it looks like I'm hanging on for dear life on a roller coaster when at the coast of northern California, but not this trip.  Ah, dreamy.

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