Monday, August 19, 2013

oh hey, I'm 41 weeks old today

life lately has included working on two more teeth
pretty soon I'll have eight
which is craziness, because many babies my age have none
so there you go

I do find them oh so useful when eating
since I've written last I've enjoyed a few new foods
including yellow squash, peach yogurt, and pears
I've mastered picking up anything little
even the squishy things like avocado

I'm officially turning into a blueberry from the amount of them I eat daily
I also love corn and colby jack cheese
no longer am I eating a bite or two
and throwing the rest on the floor
no sir, in a day I'll eat a whole yogurt
whole cheese stick, many fruits and veggies
and some purees my mom is trying out too
not to mention boobie snacks

so let's just say mom is expecting some weight gain at my next doctor appointment
I'm not walking yet, but I am standing from time to time for a few seconds
and cruising all around the house as long as I have something to hold on to
and I can crawl crazy fast [and loud]
lately I'm wearing 6 & 9 month clothing
but most of my newborn onesies still fit
[those things are SO roomy]

I'm talking up a storm still
lots of dadadada sounds and an array of hi-yahs
my newest game is throwing all of my toy's out of my crib
and the best part is when someone throws them back at me
dad also lowered my crib all the way down 
because I'm such a big girl
[and mom didn't want me to fall out]
speaking of mom, she's now back to work at school
and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the early wake-up calls
I've also starting my newest trick of tongue clicking
and kissy faces
and a combination of the two

this past week I also took my first trip to donner lake
for my grammie's company picnic
the weather was beautiful
the lake literally shimmered with gold [fool's gold particles?]
and it was overall a great way to spend the day
except mom wouldn't let me jump into the lake like I really wanted to
but I got over it
until next week...
-everly mae

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