Sunday, October 27, 2013

changing times

This morning, I woke up at realized something.  Last night was the Saturday before Halloween.  The night we have thrown a Halloween party for the last five years.  Normally, I'm waking up to very dirty floors, too many party cups, and a good amount of recycling to take outside [and a few years, people still sleeping on said floors].  But not this morning.  Today, I'm waking up to a very snuggly baby girl who is all cozy in her Jack-o-Latern pajamas from Old Navy.  Yesterday was very busy getting ready for Everly's first birthday next weekend, and I'm so focused on that big event, I already packed up my interior Halloween decor to start party decorating [no worries, the porch is still very trick-or-treat ready!].  I also realized that baby girl was born just a tad too close to one of my favorite holidays, because trying to enjoy first Halloween and first birthday is making my head spin a tad. 
So now I'm flipping through my instagram feed that is filled with costume-laden fun, and I will not let myself feel like I am missing out.  I think that when you first become a parent, there is always going to be the adjustment period.  Not saying we had to adjust to Everly, but we are having to create new traditions that include all three of us.  For us, it is also the transition of realizing that all of our friends are in very different places.  We have the newlyweds, the married with no children, the dating, and single crowd, and just now beginning, friends with kids.  I had always heard that once you have kids, you gravitate towards other people who have kids, and I can now say that I get that [so before mentioned people, we will love when you have kids, and I'll try to be patient!].  So there may not be a crazy weekend before Halloween party, but we still have Halloween.  We get the chance to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood with our baby girl, who is now loving walking so much, I have a feeling she will be wanting to go door to door like a big girl.  And with that thought, I'm now pretty giddy, and ready to enjoy my Sunday.

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