Saturday, October 26, 2013

good call on the birthday theme

Everly's third trip to Disneyland meant she was getting old enough to really experience the rides.  This trip meant baby girl was sitting on my lap, hands on lap bar, fully engaged in the ride.  This also meant she was now starting to have favorite rides.  When I was trying to figure out what we were going to do for her first birthday I somehow stumbled onto the idea of a Queen of Hearts theme.  I liked the Disney connection, without being too "themey", and since she is too young to pick her own birthday party theme, we decided on "Onederland" [because man, that is a freakin' cute theme].  So, back to our trip to Disneyland, Alice was one of the first Fantasyland rides we went on this trip, and she was so into it all.  Sitting there like a big girl, going in between smiles and very serious looks throughout the entire ride.
Turns out, Alice has now been deemed her favorite ride.  How did I determine this of my eleven month old child you may ask?  Well, as soon as we got off the ride, Everly broke out in tears.  Like serious tears.  Holding her arms out for the green caterpillar we had just gotten off of.  Thankfully, we were quickly able to distract her with all the Disney goodness that was surrounding her, and the tears stopped pretty immediately, but still, her intentions were clear.  Alice, you are the favorite, for now.

And with that being said, today is my last Saturday before birthday weekend, so you better believe we are diving head first into all things related to the Queen of Hearts today - wish me, the mister, and grammie luck, we may need it!

Thanks Sarah for letting us borrow your camera - here is the first proof we used it!

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