Sunday, October 20, 2013

oh hey, I'm 51 weeks old!

well, 51 weeks tomorrow if we are being official
but I figure since we are on the countdown to one
I should be prompt with these posts before they are done and gone
it seems strange to think that in just two weeks
mom will be able to officially call me a one year old
my newest tricks include walking the lengths of entire rooms
I'm also obsessed with straws
and even though I look like I am using it for it's intended purpose
I assure you I am not
my newest foods include my love for olives
and I'm also a pretty big fan of pomegranates
it is my newest routine in the evening to be playing,
come get a few little pieces from my mom,
make a scrunchy face if the pomegranate is too tart
and then go back to having fun playing
I am also starting to really love music
and dancing to my favorite songs
that of course includes Miley Cyrus and anything on Ellen
[which includes only Miley on Ellen, hmm, wonder why?]
this weekend we have been extra busy with a work conference for my mom
so that means extra daddy time
but the good news is she is almost done, and then we get a few "family only" days
since mom has been super busy this week
I'll just share the rest of my "cake smash" session with sarah
next week, the countdown to one will be officially down to days
-Everly Mae

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