Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh hey, I'm ONE [12 months]

well, well, well
it has been quite some time since I have written
I've decided now that I'm such a busy one year old
I will just be checking in monthly with all my favorite things
because if I thought things were fun as a crawler
they are way better now that I can walk
and practically run
and climb on everything my parents don't want me to
I may have taken my first steps at ten months
but I officially mastered life on two feet
the week of my first birthday
crawling is for babies, clearly
on the food front I am eating a lot more these days
and as we found out at Disneyland
I am quite the carnivore
[sorry auntie meg, grandpa wins this one, for now at least]
when I practically ate half of my dad's cheese burger
all my eating has officially brought me to the 12th percentile for my weight
and I'm now tipping the scales at 17 pounds 3.5 ounces [sarcasm inserted here]
and I'm in the 34th percentile for my height at 29 inches
at my 12 month check up I was given the green light for everything
[tummy, toes, and nose all in the right places]
and besides the fact that I am not a fan of my nurse
[serious tears just looking at him, yet the burly bearded guy at home depot, no issues]
so mom said we would give this young guy one more chance
and then we may have to change doctors in the practice
if they won't let us see another nurse - apparently they are a strict package deal
on a happier note, I am dancing often
I love anything with a strong beat or drums
I can play my xylophone like it's nobody's business
I'm practicing my snapping skills
[because I have clearly mastered clapping]
I wave hello and goodbye to everyone
[except before mentioned nurse]
I'm getting better at hugs
and any little squeezes I give away to my family seem to be well received
I suppose I will keep the hugs coming
mom and I have a new lunch time classroom routine that involves
me getting to walk the empty hallways after
my speedy boobie snack session
and if I'm lucky, there may even be a big kid or two to stop and 
say hello to - they are always my favorite
mama and dada are still being thrown about
but mom hasn't declared them as "real words" until they are used properly
and more than once
that's what I get for having a mom who is also a teacher
no babbling here will be passing for language
I do mimmic very well
and animals seem to be at the top of my word priority list
duck, cat, and dog have all been muttered in some way, shape, or form
so I think I will keep practicing my words
remember to give hugs
and hey, while I work all that out, I'll definitely be giving away free smiles
until next month
-Everly Mae

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