Tuesday, December 17, 2013

lovely little weekend

Lately, life has been about adjusting into something new.  No, it has not been easy navigating life as a working mom, or learning how to manage having limited quality time with the Mr.  We never question our plan to make sure that Everly always has one of us with her, but that doesn't mean we aren't having to work through our new way of life.  So, when we found out that the Mr. was able to get the weekend off for our friends' holiday party, it is an understatement to say I was excited.

So we packed our bags for the night, got on the road only an hour after we had planned, and went to Petaluma for a little weekend away.  We celebrated Christmas, our friends' new beautiful apartment [the only flaw in the place is it is over an hour away from ours] and time as a little family.  We had great food, cheerful conversations, and I even picked up another vintage Christmas tree.  So overall, it was a win.

love that face, love these weekends

read about Jaymee's Christmas chalk board tree here

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