Thursday, December 5, 2013

oh hey I'm ONE [13 months]

well that month flew by if  I do say so myself

it just seems like yesterday I was smashing cake in between my fingers
lately I've been loving the outdoors
I could play in the backyard for hours
[thank god for spray n' wash]
I've mastered walking and starting to run
I can also climb up stair like a pro
and even figured out how to get down
I get on my tummy, about two feet from where the stairs actually begin
and then I push myself on my belly until I feel the first step
I'm still taking my time getting down, but man, I figured it out

 I'm still dancing up a storm
loving every episode of Ellen
new things I've been eating lately include lasagna
chopped salads, pretzels, peanut butter sandwiches
and I'm still pretty obsessed with pizza
or anything bread related really
I haven't had purees too much this month
and I will still only drink out of a big girl cup
so thankfully it is winter, because I'm not too into water
unless I can stick my whole hand in the cup to play with it
or dump mom's water bottle on the floor and roll around in the puddle
because then I really love it
lately my 12 months clothes have been fitting pretty perfectly
and I even think I'm going to need the next size up soon
18 months - what?!?

crazy big jump, but I am almost there
my little waist is still keeping me in size two diapers
but hopefully by next month I'll get to share a new size there too!
and finally, this month brought some pretty awesome fun things around the house
like this giant tree that mom and dad
[and grandma and grandpa]
brought into the house
first I thought they were crazy, but once mom put the lights on it
and even gave me some special soft ornaments to have just at my height
see you next month 
-Everly Mae

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