Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everly babbles

I've decided that children of teachers have it hard.  I'm pretty sure only the babes of children physiologists have it harder.   On one hand, it can be very beneficial having a parent all wise in the workings of children, their development, and milestones, but on the other hand, I think we may be "harder" on some things.  So far, I can tell that my teacher-ness is making me different than my non-teacher mom friends when it comes to the milestone of the ones, talking.

We have been very lucky that Everly has always been a talker.  Babbling, cooing, and getting on the whole dadadada word pretty quickly.  But here's my thing, just because she mimics a sound, doesn't mean she is saying the word.  And here is where my craziness begins.  To say that she is saying certain words means she is saying them with intent.  So when she was saying dada to the wall, the coffee table, and her daddy, well, I wasn't considering that a word.  And now you are probably seeing what I mean that parents are going to be so different depending on their backgrounds and professions.  For me, language is huge, and only once used within context will I classify the sound as a word for Everly.  I know, poor child of a middle school English teacher.  But hey, the good thing is she will be too little to know that mommy didn't count every noise that resembled a word.  And come on people, your three month old baby is not saying their name, really.

So at 14 months, this is what Everly is saying:

dog [even if she just hears one bark she's got that one down, and I'm impressed, and was definitely the word I would classify as her "first", and no, we don't even have a dog]
go [used with Luna on the daily, she is always bossing this poor kitty off the bed, or sofa, or anywhere really]

she is mimicking:
the crazy sound her stuffed monkey makes
any weird noise or song I come up with
gigi [her name for one of her great-grandmas, and apparently it was a good nickname because she's almost mastered it]
and when listening to music she makes a lip syncing motion with the song, it is priceless

So far we have been able to figure out exactly what the little lady wants, she is very clear when pointing at something and making her "uuuhhhh" sound that tells us "parents, this is the thing I need, right now"

And let's just also put it out into the universe that the milestone comparing is stressful.  Her first year it was all about her size, percentile, and all that junk.  Well, the conversations then quickly move to walking and talking.  I hear all the time 'so what words is she saying these days', and man, if I had to go through another year of not having anything to say, I would be a wreck.  So thankfully she may be tiny, but she's got a lot to say.  I'm also thinking I will keep this in mind when talking to other moms, if we aren't having a conversation about our children's "words" then I probably won't pry.  Because the bottom line is our children will all get there, sure my kid is going to be in a car seat until the fifth grade, and yours might not speak until they are four, but I bet they will both be talking and riding with only a seat belt by high school graduation, and that is all that matters ;)

mom blogger note: while writing this post my daughter poured out my entire water bottle on the carpet, and then was playing in the puddle of goodness, soaking her entire outfit and diaper

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