Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love story

There are just some moments I can't bare to forget. The sweetest love story is the one of a child and her parents. We are the luckiest that we get the chance to be head over heels in love with our little lady, and that she feels the same way about us.

Two nights ago we were enjoying some reading time on the sofa. Everly was in between us, and after several stories [at least the parts she wanted to hear] she clearly had decided she had a different idea for what came next. She reached out one little hand to hold her daddy's hand, and then she took my hand. She motioned us off the sofa, and began leading us. I assumed that she was walking us to her nursery to have a little play session in there, but I was wrong. Hand in hand, with Everly in the middle guiding the way, she walked us into the hallway, through the kitchen, squeezed the three of us through the narrow walkway of the dining room, and back into the family room. She would pause only to look up at us with the biggest smile. We must have looped the house five or so times, all still holding hands. She cried when we tried to stop, so we looped the house a few more times before the power of suggestion of a play date in the nursery won out. 

Each day Everly's intentions become clearer. That little mind of hers never stops, and that little family walk was the best love story. 

Happy February everyone! 


  1. This is adorable and so sweet.

    It made me stop and think about how this still happens to me even though my kids are 16 & 11. They may not grab our hands, but they get our attention in other ways.

    1. Thanks Jill - yes, I'm enjoying these little moments, and remembering that as she gets bigger, I'll still have them, they will just look different!