Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dinner at McKinley Park with SactoMoFo [local lovin']

Last Friday we checked out McKinley Park for the SactoMoFo dinner event that happens there every second Friday of the month.  First off, let me say it was a beautiful spring evening, so when it turned out that every other person in Sacramento decided to show up, I wasn't the least bit upset.  The popularity of the event was great, blankets were out, picnic tables full, and the air was buzzing with weekend chatter of friends and family.  My word of advice, either show up early, or don't show up starved, because you will most likely need to wait to get your order in.  And if you do show up ready to eat, may I suggest trying my husband's method of pre-waffling before eating dinner - which translates to hitting up one of the dessert trucks first.  His favorite is always Volkswaffle California that serves traditional Belgian waffles, and once he had his waffle fix, he was able to wait in line for our tacos, without being cranky.  After perusing the trucks we all decided on Mexican, being with a "veggie" and "chicken only" diners, we had to limit some of our truck choices, but landing at Chando's Tacos is never a bad compromise.  We tried everything from the asada tacos to the veggie quesadilla and everyone was more than satisfied with their selections.  And because this isn't a food blog, but a family one, here is my little family enjoying an evening in McKinley Park, and if you want pictures of the food, go here.
While we were there Everly got a little spring basket from her Auntie Meg - it was a hit.  Turns out, this kid loves containers/bags/purses, so the basket itself was big hit.  The Frozen cell phone and bubbles were a huge bonus as well.  Here she is making a call to Elsa, no big... 
If you are feeling the need to go real big with your food truckin' - check out SactoMoFo7 that is coming up Saturday, April 26th.  I think I'll just be checking out the action via Instagram :)

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