Saturday, April 5, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [17 months]

Well, if you had asked me a few days ago if I was going to be able to write this post, I would have said "no way".  My last week as a 16 month old was rough.  Turns out, I had Roseola, and if you want to see me docile, knock me with a 103 degree fever for a few days, and that's what you will get.  But I'm back, and covered in a pretty little rash all over my face and neck for my post today.  These pictures were taken yesterday after an amazing afternoon shower, and my rash was pretty slight at this time.  We went to the doctor for my fever, and all of this "not eating" business has dropped me back down to 18 pounds 5 ounces.  So it looks like I'll be fitting into newborn sized leggings for a while longer, sigh. 
This past month will always be marked as my "Frozen" month.  The month I began mimicking everything.  The month I perfected my devious little smirk.  The month I ate my body weight in Annie's mac-n-cheese, twice.  The month I lost my owl shoes, and then found them in my daddy's diaper bag.  The month I played in the rain, and the dirt, and got my first my head.  The month I took a liking to my daddy's pancakes.  The month I had my first Jamba Juice, and juice in general, and still prefer water, so there you go.  The month I had my first baby Pinkberry, and didn't make an entire mess of it.  The month I mastered my jumping off the coffee table into my mom's lap game.  The month I giggled my way through play dates, and finally grew hair for piggy tails.  I think my mom is happiest about this. 

It was a really great month.

-Everly Mae

mom blogger note:  this post was typed with one hand, why the other held my sweet, blotchy faced babe while she sleeps away this Roseola.  And it wasn't even my left one.

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