Thursday, April 3, 2014

What day is it again?

Oh my. This has felt like the longest week ever, and I still have another day before the weekend. On April fool's day, Everly was acting strange. Even my students picked up on it immediately. She was so serious, it just wasn't her. All night she just wanted to sit on the sofa with me, and I could tell she wasn't feeling right, but I was okay with the extra cuddles. By the time her daddy was getting off work we had a situation. I could tell she was running a fever and it was higher than her mild "I'm teething and my head feels a bit warm" that we have become accustomed to lately. Trying to take her temperature was a feat in itself, and it registered over 102, and my guess is we weren't getting a super accurate read with all the flailing about. That's when I realized it wasn't her teeth.

I had every intention to go to work the next day.  We were giving her medicine for her fever, and she would be fine. Except she woke up with new super powers, fire baby. Can I just tell you I must have one of the most stressful jobs to be sick from! Sub plans are never fun, and when you have major project deadlines set up with your students, you can't always just pop in a movie. Well, I was able to be home yesterday to be with Everly. She was really seeming better in the afternoon, and even ate a small bit of pasta.  We went outside and enjoyed a quick swing, and even had our weekly face time chat with her auntie and Grammie. But by the evening, things were getting back to "not so good".  

This morning we decided to take her to the doctor, and were able to get a perfect afternoon appointment so I could go to work and the appointment. Of course there was no clear reason for her fever after checking her out. And because it is common in little girls, they wanted to check for a bladder infection. If you've never had to hold your baby down during a catheter procedure, well, count your blessings. The nurses were amazing, and kind, and quick, but I still had a hard time holding it together while having Everly go through that. 

Turns out her preliminary tests were fine, meaning this is all probably just a virus. At first I hated that we had to do that just to find out it was nothing. But at this point, I rather have a virus pass through her than possible issues with her kidneys. 

So now we've been told to keep her comfortable and work on getting her to drink liquids (she will only nurse, so thank god she has that option).  Poor baby has been sleeping all evening. She is wiped out and has to be weak from not eating. And yes, she's lost a little weight. Today she was 18 pounds, 5 ounces. In February she was up to 18 pounds, 9 ounces, so I'm bummed that it's going to take months to get her back to that weight because we are lucky is she gains about a pound in between her three month visits to the doctor. (Another reason to be thankful when your baby is in the 90th percentile, not 5th, getting sick is even more stressful when your tiny kid really won't eat).

For now I am going to push through tomorrow, and hopefully because nursing all day won't be an option, she will drink something for her daddy. Fingers crossed. Finally, after going through this minor hiccup with Everly's health, my heart really goes out to all those families who have to deal with serious health issues with their babies. I could hardly formulate sentences today in class I was so distracted and I've just been exhausted from worrying about her, so I will continue to cherish her health a little more after all of this is over. 

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