Friday, May 2, 2014

Hazel is happiness

Oh the days when my baby would look into my camera and just stare, and smile, and grin.  Because back in the day [or several months ago] my little Everly was obsessed with my camera.  The look of it, the clicking sound it made, it would instantly grab her attention.  These days she's gotten over it, and now she prefers taking pictures on the camera herself.  Sure, the camera body is old, and heavy, and I have to help her hold it, but all the same, it is pretty cute.  Except, I don't get the kinds of pictures that I used to, unless I bring my camera over to friends houses and take too many photos of their littles.

Here is Hazel, loving my camera at seven months, and giving me some adorable pictures for her mom and dad.  Thanks Hazel, I think we have a few more months of this awesomeness.  And then, actions shots for you too!
I love how stoic this little shoot started off, and then she remembered how much she loved my camera.  Thanks Hazel, I think you are pretty cool too!

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