Wednesday, May 7, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [18 months]

A year and a half!  That's a mini milestone, and will hopefully stop mom from telling everyone exactly how many months old I am for a bit!  Seriously, I don't think they care.  And if they don't have kids themselves, they just look confused.
Yesterday I had my 18 month check-up and I am officially weighing 19 1/2 pounds putting me in the 11th percentile for weight.  Which is exactly what I was at my 15 month checkup percentile wise, and mom was SO happy about that.  After all of my "weight loss viruses" I was knocked down with in April, I ended up gaining all of it back and then some!  Maybe some of the giant slices of pizza I eat are sticking finally.  Water is still my preferred beverage of choice.  I had my first milkshake this past month, a mint cookie shake from Pinkberry, and I helped my dad drink a good portion of it.  Oh, and cucumbers were pretty awesome this month too. 
This month I've fallen in love with the mysterious bubble. Bubbles are amazing. I chase them, pop them, dance with them, and through them, and have even blown some of my own this month (which is harder than it looks people). 
I'm rocking words that start with the "bah" sound. Ball, book, and boobie [bub-bub] are all sounding pretty similar at this point, but with a little context, everyone seems to figure out what I'm talking about.  I've also mastered baby, and I love pointing them all out!  No is still my favorite word, and pretty much rules my conversations with people. I've mastered the sign for more, and even started signing thank you, and mom says also it looks like I'm blowing kisses, which seems to be okay at this point too. My babble sentences are getting very intricate. I've decided that when my voice, sounds, and volume are different when talking, the story is just more interesting. So I'll keep at that and let you know next month if I'm speaking English yet. 

Here's to another awesome month of pigtails, pearly whites, and leg hugs & kisses. 

-everly mae

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