Saturday, May 24, 2014

Say "cheese"

Everyday I think to myself how much older Everly seems from just the day before. And lately, it has been on overdrive. She is such a mini-me in almost every way, and when we are together, we are pretty much connected at the hip. Today while waiting for Grammie to pick us up I decided to take a few pictures of Everly on her Fischer Price classic camera. And through that little yellow tinted view finder was the most adorable, cheesiest smile I've ever seen. And of course, I couldn't let that moment live just on her "film", so I did a tricky maneuver where I faked her out with her play camera, just enough to get to her squinty smile, allowing for my phone to grab this little face.
Priceless. I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day weekend, and hey, throw on some red white and blue too, and remember our veterans!  We decided to be patriotic all three days, not just Monday.

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