Saturday, May 10, 2014

ten on ten [5.10.14]

A busy, very windy, Saturday of Mother's Day weekend goodness. 
Happy ten on ten!
 1. Farmer's Market finds  2. Mother's Day lunch  3. loving her great-grandma's dog, and a different house to explore  4. lunch, for the record, she only ate the edamame  5. my wreath and green door make me happy  6. Salt Water Sandals welcome here, especially the tiny ones  7. afternoon snacking  8. tea towel calendar by Retro Menagerie  9. acting like she brought the rose home for me  10. piggies and toes

Last may 10th looked like this of my baby...
 and this of my day...
happy mother's day weekend everyone!


  1. Love the colours that filled your day. xxx

  2. Beautiful! This is my first month joining in, and I'm loving seeing what everyone else has done :)