Friday, May 23, 2014

Was that a sentence?

Everly has been talking up a storm lately. Most of it is a language of her own creation. Tuesday, she decided to catch me very off guard when saying to me as she sat in her high chair, "down, mom, bub". Which of course translates to, "mom, could you please get me down from this baby device so I can sit with you and nurse?".  Three words together in a thought pattern, I'm ecstatic, and extremely surprised. Language is such a crazy thing. Each little being attacks the acquiring of their primary language in such different ways. Seeing how Everly embraces with no fear suits her perfectly.  I remember when I worked at Bel Air there was a family with five kids, and their youngest had not said a word, and he was two.  Now language was clearly all around this kid, but not a single word.  Then out of the blue, he spoke a complete sentence.  The mind works in very mysterious ways!  For Everly, she will talk all day, even if only 1/10 of her words are English words. The rest are loud and proud and quite entertaining.
I'm excited to see what crazy sentences she comes up with in the near future. 

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