Thursday, June 5, 2014

and now, let summer officially begin

Today I checked out of my classroom, and do not plan to go back until the first of August.  I get two entire months of being a stay at home mama, and I'm pretty excited for them.  We will be devouring watermelon [as seen below], swimming as much as we can [I'm planning on daily], and enjoying as much family time as we can.  Surviving my first entire school year as a working mom was hard, exhausting, and filled with many lessons.  I am so lucky to know that when I am away at work, Everly is with her amazing daddy, but now the three of us can enjoy some time together, something that is rare during the school year.  And now Everly and I are going to make good on some of these summer goals by going for a quick afternoon swim at her great-grandparent's house. Life is good.

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