Friday, June 27, 2014

Balboa Island - and the adventures of traveling with a sick toddler

For our week long stay in Southern California we wanted to try and visit some new places, and even though traveling with a sick toddler wasn't on the planned agenda, we have made the best of things, and thankfully Everly returned to her normal self just in time for Disneyland.  Now, with that being said, there has never been a vacation where I have verbalized "I just want to go home" more in my life.  Being a mom on vacation is already a lot of work, remembering everything [which I didn't of course], trying to make sure that your day is just the right amount of "planned", too many activities or not enough will surely spell disaster.  But being a mom on vacation with a sicky, who then of course also spreads the germs your way, well, it will cause you to have a few breakdowns.
The Mr. and I have set a new family policy because of this trip, Everly is officially quarantined one week prior to leaving on vacation.  Sure, we love when Everly gets to play with other little ones, but play dates with kids who are somewhere in the process of getting sick, in the middle of, or just getting over a cold, yeah, we just can't do that before vacation.  And I know that I'm still the new mom, and crazy at that, but if your kid is drenching the ground is snot, I don't think it's cute that they are kissing my kid on the lips.  [okay, new mom rant over]  And sure, this seems rough, and I may be acting a tad dramatic here, but when your kid has a 104 degree fever two nights before you leave, only to wake up with Pink Eye the day of vacation, and then struggle through the next three days with various other aliments, yeah, you would be dramatic too.  I swear it is a miracle we made it at all.  It literally took us three outfit changes just to get from the center of the state to the southern part.  So, doing the math, that's about an outfit change per hour. 
But we braved on, survived the mini melt downs of my poor babe who just wanted to be parked on our sofa at home, attached to her mama for hours at end, and made it to Balboa Island, a place I had read about, and we somehow actually got to.  Now, besides the fact that parking is tricky [like all popular beach town locations] I really loved this little man-made island.  The houses and canals are to die for, the shops are cute, [even though I only window shop] and the food had a variety of options, and of course, ice cream.  If you pay close attention, I'm pretty sure ice cream has been consumed every day of this vacation.  Maybe it's how I've coped with my sicky, or maybe it's the way I want to spend my last few months in my twenties, or maybe I just really like it, whatever it is, stay tuned for too many photos of me eating ice cream in the coming days!
And just to prove how sick my poor babe was, she passed out on me, without nursing, or in the Tula, which NEVER happens.  Figured we would commemorate it with this photo.  And no, I don't know why I'm giving the Mr. a thumbs up in the earlier photo, maybe I was just that excited that my toddler was nursing again that morning [read with intended sarcasm].  

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