Thursday, June 12, 2014

barns, babies, and a bride & groom

This past weekend we went back to my husband's home town for a family friend's wedding.  I love weddings, understatement.  I love everything about weddings.  I love how each wedding is such a different experience, and this past wedding was simply perfection.  The Mr. grew up in the Central Valley of California where the heart of our agriculture thrives.  This wedding was such a beautiful reflection of this region.  The venue was a pole barn nestled in the center of orange groves and filled with beautiful country decor.  Everything from the rusted wagon wheels, baby's breath filled milk cans, to the claw foot tubs filled with ice and beverages made this wedding inviting, beautiful, and just a really good time.  And the best part, everything was authentic, pulled straight off the dairy and land the family owns and operates.  [I'm just glad I wasn't on the committee responsible for bringing the two claw foot tubs to the venue, talk about dedication and love for the happy couple]
And yes, Everly did make a new best friend while we were at the wedding.  They were having the best time, and must have danced and played together for a good four hours.  Some highlights of the evening included Macie trying to teach Everly how to slow dance, the girls playing with the wedding favors [Slinkys], a way of remembering the groom's father who had recently passed and was known for always giving small toys to those he loved, and Everly even got to meet her first horse.  She even was lucky enough to go on three carriage rides, because let's face it, there was not a shortage of hands willing to take her!  It was a beautiful celebration and I'm so lucky we were there to experience it all!

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