Friday, June 13, 2014

first ice cream cone

Well, technically it wasn't her first ice cream cone, but the first one that was all hers.  We went to a b.b.q spot that gives out free cones of vanilla soft serve, and I figured since it was free, it wouldn't be devastating if it ended up on the ground two minutes after putting it in toddler hands.  And it never did, she ate the entire thing, cone and all, only losing a small amount of ice cream in her ventures with it.  Clearly, this girl is like her mama when it comes to frozen sweet treats.  I'm thankful I just happened to have my camera to capture this little moment in time, because dang, it was cute.
Thanks Auntie Meg for this adorable romper, and thanks Grandma & Grandpa for our amazing little lunch date!

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  1. We're always looking for great BBQ places in Sac - where did you go??