Sunday, June 29, 2014

the magic kingdom and these two kids

The past few months Erin and I had been casually talking about taking a trip together with our littles, but we never had made serious plans.   At the very last minute, things all came together and before we knew it, Everly was seeing her best friend in front of the Jungle Cruise.  We had never gone to Disneyland with friends before, and being in the park with other Disneyland fanatics was perfection.  Two babies, three backpacks, two baby carriers, four adults, and a few trips to Trader Sam's made for a great trip for both of our families.
A few things that made our trip awesome included the following:
*No strollers - babies slept and we kept riding! [or ate ice cream]
*Fast Passes - the only line we waited in was for Toy Story Mania [35 minutes].  We went on every major attraction at least once, and many we got to ride twice.
*Rider Switch Passes - two of us would ride using our Fast Passes, then we would get a Rider Switch Pass from the Cast Member at the entrance that would allow for three of us to ride the attraction again any time that day. Only Radiator Springs needed to see our babies to give us the Switch Pass, everyone else just believed that we had kids waiting for us elsewhere.  This is a gem for parents, and works REALLY well if you have a group of four or more adults like we had.  And because parents really need these Switch Passes, please don't abuse the system, or they will get rid of these gems, and that would be horrible!
*Trader Sam's - our afternoon rest included fruity adult drinks, a fantastic Tiki Bar, and cheesy attractions that had just the right amount of Disney for us tired adults who needed a few minutes of rest [or an hour], and if you plan it right, the Monorail will drop you off right outside the Disneyland Hotel where Trader Sam's is located, get a little relaxation on, and then ride the Monorail back into Tomorrowland, yes please. 

See other tips to having a blast in Disneyland with littles here!

Stay tuned for more photos of our days in Disneyland this week!  In the meantime, see our other trips to the Happiest Place on Earth here.

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