Friday, July 11, 2014

ten on ten [7.10.14]

Yesterday was a really great tenth.  The Mr. was off so we had the entire day as a family.  Lots of time outdoors, walking around our neighborhood, and enjoying some great company.  We ended our day with friends that had us talking a lot about baby birthdays, parties, costumes, and planning our next trip to Disneyland, and with all that fun, I didn't get to post my photos from the day here, so here are my ten photos from the tenth on the eleventh. 
1. noticed this street for the first time yesterday, figured it was fitting for this blog  2. who doesn't love dumpster art?  3. midtown street robot  4. love is real  5. this thing finally bloomed  6. afternoon dr. pepper pick me up  7. tutus and dirt  8. late afternoon sun  9. new succulent and backyard stones  10. my first pineapple upside down cake, thanks Erin for the experience

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Tomorrow I'll share all our "Love is Real" photos from the past four years!


  1. beautiful pictures as always!

  2. These are such fun captures. I really like the chair shadow--nicely seen.