Wednesday, August 6, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [21 months]

Well, if you haven't seen me in person lately, there is one thing you are missing, my talking.  And my dance moves, or maybe my lip syncing.  I'm pretty sure these three things are really defining this past month.  New words I've added lately include "sorry", "sause" [sausage], pizzz [pizza], songs, shows, meow meow [referencing not only real cats, but my latest obsession with the Aristocats].  I'm starting to count, and I almost have 1, 2, 3 perfected.  I am ready for my second birthday, because when my mom and dad ask me how old I am I proudly state "TWO".
My newest trick with words is putting a few of them together.  This seems to really impress my mom, so I'm trying to do this more often.  One of my phrases that mom really got a kick out of was when I clearly stated while pointing effectively "this is a bub".  Yes I'm still nursing, and you may think I'm too old, but you are just going to need to get over it, I'm just a very cultural baby who knows that boobies snacks aren't just for the pre-walkers.  Another favorite phrase is "I see it".  Mom and I are always have little conversations about different things, planes, flowers, bouncy balls, you know, the cool stuff, and I love to let her know when "I see it".
A couple of weeks ago I really shocked my parents when the following went down during bath time:
I was playing in mounds of bubbles, you know as one does when in the tub, when I decided to decorate my face with a good helping of bubbles.  Daddy asked me "Everly, do you have a beard?" and I replied, "No, just bubbles".  Clearly my parents have been assuming I wasn't paying attention to their conversations, but no worries, I've got this thing down.

I'm a pretty good parrot.  I especially love to mimic anything  my auntie Meg says.  I think her enthusiasm for her words just makes them so much more fun to copy.  Besides talking, I love lip syncing.  Mom has caught me on several occasions in the rear view mirror belting out a song silent style while riding in the car when she really thought I was napping.  Silly mom.  Favorite songs this month include Ed Sheeran's, Sing [as you will see below], the piano solo in Aristocats, and I've proven I know the words to most of the Frozen soundtrack.  And while listening and singing along to all of this music I've been known to get down on the dance floor pretty well.  I really prefer when others dance with me, and I especially love dancing with my parents while we watch "So You Think You Can Dance".  They really seem to love my contemporary/interpretive style I'm rocking right now.
As for food, I'm in love with grains.  Fried rice and brown rice with quinoa are my favorites right now.  I'm on a cucumber kick [which daddy hates] and still loving my fruit.  I prefer whole peaches and nectarines, so please don't cut my fruit, and I even started eating my pizza like the grown ups.  I'm still pint sized, but I have gained since my last check-up, I'm now 20 pounds, 6.5 ounces.  And I'm going to ignore any thoughts that this is the weight of a typical one year old, not an almost two year old.

And because my auntie is awesome, she caught some of my amazing dance moves while at the cabin last week -

Everly 21 months from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo
And yes, I did just do what you thought I did at the end of the video, but it's okay, because I don't know what it means, right?!?  At least that's what mom tells herself!  And yes, my "looks" are from my mom, and no, the sunblock wasn't opened, but I sure did a good job of applying it on myself.

All photos taken in Guerneville, California

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