Saturday, September 27, 2014

900 weeks with my little apple

Recently I read an article on "good parenting".  The gist was love your child, hold your child, and pretty much don't be afraid of showing affection.  Ok, check on that.  But what really struck me was the point of enjoying every moment, because on average, you get a little over 900 weeks with your child before they go off to college.  And then I did the math, and realized I've already used up 100 of those weeks.  My gosh, and at this point I'm on the verge of a mini panic attack.  Kind of like the moment when I was shopping at Target a few weeks back and literally bumped into a mom who was shopping for her daughter's dorm room.  We shared a smile and she commented that she swore her daughter was just a toddler.  Double panic attack. 

I feel like my fears of Everly growing up have lessened these days [even though the first paragraph may not be supporting that comment, it really has lessened].  Maybe it's because she is getting to be such a little person these days, and it's fun that she is one.  Maybe it's because I don't really feel like I'm alone in the evenings while my husband is working, instead, I've got Everly to keep me the best kind of company.  Or maybe it's because I'm realizing that with every year there will be something "new" to experience with her. 
This past week I also had a conversation with a fellow mom who works as a guest teacher at my school.  We were talking kids and she shared that she just sent her daughter off to college in Chicago.   I told her that I couldn't imagine if my daughter wanted to go clear across the country for school, but that I would try to support her if that was her dream.  The mom told me that as hard as it was, she wasn't surprised that her daughter had made the decision to go far, because she herself had done the same at 18, and that clearly the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree.  Seriously, a glimmer of hope was probably visible in my eyes as she said this.  My little apple seems to have some mommy attachment issues, just as I had when I was her age, so maybe, just maybe, Everly will also choose to "move away to college" about thirty minutes from home. 

Whatever happens, will happen.  And for now, I better enjoy these next 800 weeks.  Because maybe my little apple will stay close, or maybe she will find she's more of a bird.

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