Friday, October 17, 2014

Rickey Ranch [a trip to the pumpkin farm - local lovin']

This week finally cooled down to temperatures that can pass as fall.  I've checked out a few pumpkin patches since becoming a teacher and mom, but never found "the one".  This year we were told about Rickey Ranch in Granite Bay, and it was a perfect fit for us.  We went on a late weekday afternoon, and there were just a few other families there.  Everly had the entire pumpkin field to explore to herself.  At first I was thinking there weren't many pumpkins out to choose from as we drove up, but the selection was more than what we needed.  The variety of pumpkins was great, so many different colors, shapes, and sizes to select from, we took a good ten minutes to pick the perfect ones to come home, for the record, we got five. 

Everything from goats, bunnies, and horses kept Everly jumping with glee and pointing in various directions with a smile on her face.  She even "accidentally" pet a goat or two.  Once she realized that petting a goat wasn't much different than petting her Luna cat, she was actively seeking others to pet. The people at Rickey Ranch are delightful; the kind of people that welcome you in like family, and make you realize how the people that drive our agriculture in our state really show the true heart of Californians.  Everly even got her own private lesson on some fresh chicken eggs. 
 ^oh my faces^
 ^proof she's sure she can do anything^
 ^her reaction to the horses, priceless^
 ^so many photo spots^
 ^we toted this wagon around for a good while^
Really, it was such a simple and amazing afternoon.  They also offered a tractor ride and haunted house, and it seemed like Pony Rides on the weekends, but we took the "explorer" option and had fun that way.  My little one just couldn't get enough of it; I might need to schedule another visit this season for my fall baby who is almost two!


Rickey Ranch
6950 Cavitt Stallman Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746
*Free entrance
*prices vary for attractions

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