Saturday, November 22, 2014

two, our celebration

Everly turned two at the beginning of this month, and last weekend we celebrated with friends and family.  Everly's first love was Frozen, and so, I jumped on the Frozen themed birthday party, just as millions of other moms have this past year.  I know that my time of being able to choose the party decor is running out fast, so while I have complete control, I'm limiting the amount of plastic party supplies and princess faces plastered all over everything.  So instead, my goal was "classy Frozen" and having a November baby made that pretty easy once I started digging through my Christmas decorations.  Thanks to my sister who made ALL of the beautiful signs for the party, including the life size Olaf, as well as my many family members who helped this vision come to life.  The party was more than a success. 
Thank you to all our party guests who braved a brisk November evening in California for a true winter wonderland celebration.  If we would have gone inside, the theme for my two year old's birthday would have become Mad Men pretty quickly, so again, thanks for bringing scarves and jackets.  

Happy TWO Everly Mae!

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  1. For some reason my comment never posted! Lyndsay, awesome job on a beautiful, fun, and classy Frozen party!! Your little Everly was the cutest and what a great time for everyone! Happy two years little one!