Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Global Winter Wonderland [local lovin']

The night before Thanksgiving my family took advantage of my sister being home for the holiday and visited Global Winter Wonderland at the California Exposition Center.  The view from the freeway made me curious about the event, and with a discount code offered through my school site, it was worth a visit.  We bundled up [even though we could have used another layer by the end of the night] and ventured out for an evening of fun.  Let's face it, we would not have gone if it wasn't for Everly, and she loved it, and the pictures we took were some of my favorite of her, ever.  I found the light displays beautiful, but there was something that just minorly missed the mark for me.  Meg and I spent much of the evening wanting to know 'more'.  More about the displays, who made them, why some seemed to be handmade with recycled materials, and others not so much.  We wanted a little more authentic cultural experience, and a little less fair, but I get they were appealing to the masses.  We checked out the nightly performance, and again, the acts were pretty intriguing, but the hosts made me feel like I was back at a high school rally, or a club, or both.  Not exactly what I wanted as I watched traditional Asian acrobats or plate spinners.  Nonetheless, it has been years since I have seen acts of that caliber, and many I have never seen in person.  Everly was entranced the entire time, until I think the cold got the best of her, and then it was off we went [but seriously, she sat for an entire hour of performers]. 


Global Winter Wonderland - buy tickets HERE
November 22nd - January 4th
Sacramento, CA
Cal Expo

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