Saturday, January 10, 2015

ten on ten [1.10.15]

happy tenth!
I'm excited to start yet another year of documenting
the beauty of the everyday with Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine
I cannot believe I started joining this project back in 2011
that is a pretty amazing experience
and I'm proud I haven't missed a single month
even though some months [this one included] I've felt too tired to complete 
the ten photos
but here I am again, with ten photos, actually posted on the tenth
and sure, that means my kid is watching cartoons on the iPad while I type
but life isn't perfect, right?!?
1. love the morning light, jealous I only get to see it two mornings a week  2. she requested colors, colors she got  3. lunch break, if you aren't buying the kale salad from Costco, I suggest you do 4. Auntie Meg's Radio Flyer has a new home  5. She was just asking when she got to see Jess, and then Jess came to see us  6. these two are magic  7. finished my succulent love affair today, as I'm calling it, can't wait to let these little guys settle in, because it is ready to make my fence look amazing this spring  8. we tried to bathe our toddler twice today, it didn't happen  9. moved a lamp, love the evening glow in the family room, not sure why we ever moved it from this spot [photo in photo by Sarah Maren Photography]  10. evening nursery time

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