Monday, January 19, 2015

'yes please', Disneyland for a day

When being sent to a work conference in Los Angeles, it is hard to say no to a day in Disneyland.  And Everly couldn't agree more.  I will always remember this trip as the day of 'yes'.  We would ask Everly if she wanted to go on Peter Pan, 'yes', go find princesses, 'yes', go search for pirates, 'yes'.  She was truly amazing this trip, and I really loved spending the entire day together experiencing Disneyland in the shoes of a two year old.  I really thought I was going to miss the 'big rides', but I didn't.  We go so often that I've been on those rides a thousand times, and getting to just be with my little lady as she soaked up all things Disney magic, well, it was worth it, a thousand times over.
I'll share the rest of our day soon, this was just the first two hours!  And yes, her hand on the window of the  Finding Nemo submarine window just about killed me with cuteness.

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