Wednesday, March 18, 2015

better late than never - our newest mini film!

Trying to stay up on the documentation of our child is tough, but this week has been a productive one on that front.  I completed my first 52 Project Book, and look forward to sharing it soon!  I also was in the mood to edit another mini film, and turns out, I had started one last summer, and finished it on this St. Patrick's Day.  Again, better late than never.  I found the process of editing a film that was over a year old very enjoyable and a tad emotional.  Who can remember a time before Everly could talk?  Not me.  Seeing her rocking her headbands instead of piggie tails, and the adorable way she walked.  I tried to make our three day trip to Disneyland last year something anyone could watch, but when all was said and done, this mini film is over nine minutes, so viewing may only be for my die hard everly mae fans!

Disneyland from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

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