Wednesday, March 4, 2015

one terror at a time - life in the "terrible twos"

I get it.  Being the parent of a two year old is tough.  I believe two may seem harder for one simple fact, it is the first time you are having to really discipline your child.  That perfect baby that could do no wrong is now uncontrollably freaking out, and you aren't going to calm them down, at least not without a few tricks up your sleeve.  We are in a stage right now that is ever changing, but the one thing that I keep telling myself is to be thankful for "just one terror at a time."
After her second birthday she went through the graphic tee phase, where she would only wear clothes with the picture of a Disney Princess or Hello Kitty emblazoned on the front.  So we bought a ton of shirts, and then that phase passed, and they got pushed to the back of her closet.  Next we went on a bedtime riot.  Her little clock had shifted later and later, and that kid was partying until 11 p.m.   I was dying, and the Mr. was working later and later, causing me to have some pretty serious anxiety about falling asleep before my toddler.  Next came another clothing battle.  This time it surrounded wearing two particular dresses, one that was meant only for pajamas, as well as boycotting all 'winter' clothing.

As that latest phase magically disappeared this week, I came to a realization.  As she is trying to figure out this thing we call 'life', she is sometimes going to feel like a raging hormonal teenager.  But thankfully, it seems like we will only battle one toddler terror at a time.  For now, I will enjoy these next few days of peace, the calm before the next little toddler storm.  And no, I try not to say that she is a "terrible two," but I get it.  I really do.  Two may be tiny, but two can also be tough.  Good thing she's freaking adorable.

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