Thursday, April 9, 2015

and then she was a little girl

It happened.  In the blink of an eye.  My baby girl, turned into a little girl. I thought that I would feel sadness or yearning for her to be a tiny baby once again, but I'm not.  Because it turns out, this little girl is a hoot, ridiculous, and pretty fun to be around.  This realization came while running errands the other day and my baby finished my sentence for me.  She had just 'bought' some princess goldfish from Target and had them in the car with her.  As we were getting out for a frozen treat, I started to say that we should close up the bag of goldfish just in case they...  In the moment that my tired brain tried to complete the sentence, my two year old did it for me... 'fall'.
When teaching kindergarten, there wasn't much I loved.  Teaching how to read, versus teaching literature, are two very different areas of interest and expertise.  But the best part  of the little ones for me was literally seeing them learn.  As they get older, their 'light bulb' moments as I called them become harder to see, and far and few between.  However, Everly has officially come into the 'light bulb' stage, and I couldn't be giddier.  Besides finishing sentences, she is also singing, out loud, to songs.   This kid has been lip syncing for months now, but belting out the lyrics to songs is brand new.  Driving home with my tiny lady singing to her favorite Fun. songs made me smile and laugh out loud.  Her confidence with language has become so apparent.  I love when she says a word incorrectly, and gets so happy when I tell her how to say the word.  For example, she saw a dollar and was asking for the 'doney'.  I think she was getting dollar and money confused, and morphed the words together.  When I said 'dollar' she exclaimed, "yes, dollar!".  Her look was precious, the most genuine, 'hey thanks mom for helping me out with that one' expression.
All of these photos were taken last month.  I cannot believe I haven't shared them here yet because geez, they were some goodies.  Just a little background info, all photos were taken within a minute, making it clear why this kid is known for her expressions!

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