Tuesday, May 5, 2015

tips for making disneyland truly the happiest place on earth...while you are there - best photo spot in California Adventure

So when thinking of writing yet another post with too many photos on this blog from our latest trip to Disneyland, I figured maybe I should have something to say with them...besides, "oh hey, here we are again, riding the teacups"...you get my dilemma I'm sure.  I decided I should use it as an opportunity to share a few more of my favorites when visiting the park, because you have all heard the old saying, 'practice makes perfect,' and I don't think going to Disneyland is excluded from that sentiment.

One of my favorite elements of a Disneyland vacation would have to be the photos you can take home with you.   The smiles you can catch are those of purest joy and glee, not to mention, the background is breathtaking.  However, unless you are going in the off season [which barely exists at this point] trying to take a picture of your little one without a thousand tourists sticking randomly out of said little one's head, well, you get the picture.  It can be a challenging task.  However, there is one spot that I have had extreme luck with.  In California Adventure there is a large 'pier' like area by the water, and unless it is time for World of Color, this area is almost always empty.  And I don't mean empty by park standards, waiting in 10-20 minute lines, I mean, empty.  Not a soul to be seen.  And the best part, you can get a little time for your little to really stretch their legs without fearing a massive stampede of tourists or strollers plowing them over.  Oh, and the point of all of this, amazing photos where it looks like you are the only ones in the park.  Pretty cool!
Here we are in the same spot when Everly was just a little over a year old.
See, I practice what I preach.  Most of the time.

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