Thursday, June 11, 2015

it's in the genes

This lady has been my best friend since day one of college.  We met because my mom and I couldn't get my PC hooked up [probably the reason I begged my parents for a mac shortly thereafter] and thankfully this gal and her mom came to our rescue [why they still use PC's].  Of course I always knew that when we would one day have kids, we would treat them like our own kiddos, and that they would grow up and one day have that confusing realization that they aren't actually related to this person.  But it doesn't matter, because a little life confusion doesn't hurt anyone, right?!?   Everly loves Jessica, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.  Everly has an amazingly unique bond with her, something I haven't seen her have with anyone else.  I can't really explain it, she just simply adores her.  And hey, since I've thought she was pretty cool for the past 13 years, I guess I shouldn't be surprised my daughter feels the same way towards her.
^and since she's already used to my shenanigans, she's fully prepared for moments like this^

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  1. Awwe I love this!! I do love this kid so very much! She has 1/2 (or more, let's be real, science be damned) her genes from my favorite person and I get to be someone who never has to say no or change diapers. (Except that one time in Costco and she looked at me crazy and I realized her feet were where her head should be on the diaper pad.) It's no wonder that she is my favorite mini-human in the world.