Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ten on ten [5-10-15]

happy tenth everyone.  today we spent some time as a family enjoying a summer day filled with rain, something that never happens here, which made it pretty magical [not to mention, my brown grass was thankful, because we are in a serious drought, and water restrictions are a real thing folks].  we also got to spend a good amount of the day at the home my mom will be moving in to in just a few weeks!  so excited for some new beginnings...
1. this weather = succulents thriving  2. fixing up the 'castle' just right  3. when your succulents grow babies, you just have to buy new pots, and other succulents to keep them company  4. the exact moment I realized my daughter was mimicking my every move  5. this new kitchen blows my mind, can't wait to hang out here often  6. swooning over the light fixtures in this house  7. my new favorite hang out spot with Everly, made extra enjoyable by today's summer storm  8. new 'disneyland' dress for everly, and of course, she had to try it on immediately  9. evening showers and doors open  10. painting, just a few days ago we were doing this because of a heat wave, now we are because of rain!

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