Friday, July 3, 2015


Playing with you my daughter has been taken to the next level, because well, we now have a true imagination.  And it is vivid, and active, and allowing me to bring out my inner child.  It was like a little switch was just flipped, and out poured your imagination.  Maybe it happened as your language has grown even stronger, or maybe this door just opened in your mind, but whatever the cause, I'm loving the effects.

Everywhere is your castle.  Your castle is the deck out back.  Your castle is the old spa overhang at your Nona's house.  Your castle is located on the steps of the pool.  Your castle is anywhere you want it to be.  But there is one constant, your imagination is one hundred percent inspired by the magic of Disney.  There are elaborate stories with plot twists that keep me on my toes.  One minute you are Sheriff Callie riding your horse Sparky, and the next you are yelling "SMEE!!!", and chanting tick-tock, tick-tock.  At that point, our alligator pool toy is no longer a horse, but instead, a hungry crocodile hunting for Captain Hook.  I love pretending to be mermaids with you, or meeting Jasmine as you float away on a magic carpet ride.
I cannot wait to see where this imagination adventure takes us, but wherever it does, I know we will always have our trips to Disneyland to refuel the imagination bank, not that you really need it.  

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