Sunday, July 26, 2015

the fair [mini film]

The fair - yes please.  We hadn't been in years, and decided that Everly was finally at the age where she would really enjoy the experience, and I'm pretty sure she did.  And because her mama has a weird things with fair rides, like really, I don't think those things are supposed to move from place to place like that, I wasn't lining up to take my little one on those particular attractions at the fair. Again, I can justify this to myself pretty easily because this kid has an annual pass to Disneyland [well, her parents do anyways, she's still free!!!] so I don't think anyone is going to label her deprived of fun. Anyways, I digress.  We went, we saw, we enjoyed our time together.  And because sometimes strange things happen, here is another mini film, two in one week!  Yay for getting really enthused on iMovie, I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that I'm learning oh so many shortcuts that make these little movies pretty easy to put together.

CA State Fair from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

Video shot on our Sony A6000

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