Friday, August 14, 2015

Gather: Oak Park [local lovin']

Last night our little family made our way to Gather: Oak Park.  Thanks to social media, I stumbled upon this little gem.  Oak Park has been a neighborhood with a pretty serious reputation, not in a good way, and a place that I can admit I've not spent much time in.  However, thanks to our mayor and the efforts of many of it's residents, Oak Park is an up and coming neighborhood worth noticing. Gather occurs every second Thursday of the month from May-October.  It is a mini food truck and local vendor gathering place that celebrates all good things local food and drink.   The space is tiny and quaint, and I was a real big fan of it.  Long tables for eating lines the center of the space, welcoming interaction with all who are in attendance. Not to mention, I appreciated getting to eat some amazing food truck grub, at a table, and not on the ground like I sometimes find myself doing.
We tried the Slightly Skewed food truck offering grilled Asian street food.  Yum.  Seriously. Yum.  Now I will admit, sometimes I think food trucks are over-rated.  There are a few I just feel downright sick after ordering from.  And it isn't because the food was spoiled, but just way TOO much going on.  However, Slightly Skewed offered me one of the best burritos I've ever had!  The California Burrito needs to happen for more people, just sayin'.  It also worked out that they had one amazing side of steamed rice for that little girl of mine who just can't get enough rice.  We also tried the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothie stand for Everly.  She wanted the plain strawberry smoothie, and I'm going to say it was a simple yet amazing choice. 
And because she's two, Everly spotted the balloon artist immediately.  I'm pretty sure she's never seen balloons like this before, but she did know one thing, she really needed to have one.  Thankfully the Mr. had a few dollars in his wallet so we could make this very basic dream come true.  After seeing a few girls get matching penguins, Everly decided on a sea turtle.  This little guy turned out so cute, just like Squirt from Finding Nemo.  And as you can see, he was a hit!
happy weekend everyone!

Next Gather: Oak Park happens September 10th!

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