Friday, August 28, 2015

mama, I love you

Just four simple words, but they melt my heart more than words can ever express. The little moments when Everly grabs my hand, or hugs me and whispers, "mama, I love you".  We may be sharing a Pinkberry, or watching a movie, reading a story, or playing with Barbies, but whatever it is that we are doing, I almost skip a breath every time she says it.  There is just something about it when your little is finally able to express their love completely, and I just hope that I will always remember how special these little moments are when she is older.  Her compassion makes me the happiest person on the planet, and the joy she brings to our family daily is simply spectacular.  We are the luckiest to have her, and I will continue to freeze the moment she says 'I love you' for as long as I possibly can.

This mom gig is always the hardest, but it is always the best.
-happy friday-

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