Saturday, September 26, 2015

Disneyland Dapper Day [mini film]

We finally made it to Dapper Day this year - a day where thousands of people visit Disneyland dressed in their finest clothes [how it was when the park first opened], many choosing their favorite era from the past.  It was such a fun time to be at the park, including the extra festive decorations that were already up for Halloween.  It was just a match made in heaven for us!  I'll share some of the lessons we learned after our first Dapper Day experience later, but for now, here's our mini film for our latest trip.

Dapper Day - Disneyland from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

I'm realizing how obsessed I am with these little movies.  I find myself taking way more video clips than still photos these days while at Disneyland, but no worries, we still shot a few hundred stills.

While watching, you probably noticed a few things.  Yes, we really did go on the Tea Cups that many times.  We spent almost our entire three day visit in Disneyland instead of California Adventure, we watched the Disneyland Forever fireworks three times, and ate a Mickey pancake everyday.  Everly, being my daughter, didn't like how the Mickey face decorations stained her pancake, so day two we got her pancake sans the cute stuff.  She was pretty into it.

I was pretty into this trip, as you could probably tell.


  1. I LOVED this! I really got a sense of the magic!

    Technical question, what camera+lens/camcorder were you using? I'm getting more into little videos myself and I'm curious as to what you used?

    1. I use my Sony A6000. We still use the base lens and we love the camera for it's size and functionality. Thank you!