Thursday, September 10, 2015

ten on ten [9.10.15]

happy tenth
it was a scorcher today, and every other day this week
but we made the best of things
I'll avoid seeing other ten on ten sets that have any hint of fall
because I want fall soooooo badly
and california keeps reminding me
that I in fact I live in california
can't I just decorate for halloween without having a heat stroke?
that's all I want
oh, and the umbrella was a birthday gift
for our upcoming el nino
we may have been doing a 'please let this drought stop' dance

charley harper flamingos

cheesing face

I may have been planting succulents at 9 pm last night

at least there are palm trees to match this climate
hipster photo of boxed water
the most hipster photo I've ever taken, ever
this month - pink bunny
fires burning make for pretty sunsets unfortunately
gather oak park
new art, finally framed

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