Tuesday, October 6, 2015


everly says - 
"Here's my school box.  I like my school box.  It has pasta, and rice, and paper.  I make things."
"My hair is growing.  Punzel [Rapunzel] makes my hair grown long.  I'm going to need to cut it soon."
"I make a Halloween picture.  It has a poky guy [spooky guy, aka a ghost], a witch, a spider, and a spider place [web]."
"I want to be a scary witch and have a pink face.  And horns like Malificent."
"It's Halloween mom, not my birthday." [When I asked her what dress she was wearing to her birthday, and she kept saying witch]
"It's Halloweentime.  Halloween, Halloween, Halloween." [sung to the tune of the Nightmare Before Christmas song]

mom blogger note:  Potty training is exhausting for all those involved.  My kid is currently napping; it's 4:30 in the afternoon.  Sooooo, looks like someone is hanging out with her daddy, because my bedtime is still 10:00.  

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