Friday, November 6, 2015

ages three and up, it's on my box!

Celebrating three was sweet indeed.  Ev is still a little under the weather from a flu bug we had earlier this week, so, pretty much my kid who barely eats, really didn't eat today.  It didn't stop her daddy and I from having donuts for breakfast, coffee at Dutch Brothers, and lunch at Jack's.  Ev participating in two of the three locations, and no, donuts was not one of them.  I decided instead of giving Ev her Animators doll that we've been eyeing for some time, we would let her go to the Disney Store to pick it out herself.  Sure helped that today was the start of their Friends and Family discount days, so yay for 25% off our goodies!

As soon as the talk of three started, everyone began asking me about pre-school.  Um no, not yet folks.  Because of our babe's age, she can't start kindergarten until she's almost six!  So, no, pre-school at three is not in the cards.  However, she's really been needing 'something more'.  I've known about Art Beast in midtown for quite some time now, and now that she's officially old enough for the classes, we decided to check it out today.  I'll write more about it soon, but let's just say, it is exactly what I was looking for.  I'm going to call it, flexible pre-pre-school.  We went and played there for a few hours and man, was she hooked!  Pretty much a pinterest dream, all in one place, and no mess in your house!  And somewhere to meet "friends"...even better.

Here's a look at how we celebrated three yesterday!

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