Sunday, February 28, 2016

our vintage home [dining room]

One of my favorite features of our new home is having a kitchen nook as well as a dining room. Down the road, we will love to have our dream danish modern dining room set, but for now, we are working with more of an eclectic design.  Turns out, our picnic table made by my father-in-law and family friend decades ago is now very 'in style'.  Having formal seating for eight is exciting, and I cannot wait to have dinner parties in this little space.  Our next big step for this room will be re-wiring the lights to create a proper space for a light fixture, we are currently dreaming of these urchin designs. 
  and here is the space before...
Turns out, this home used to be four bedrooms.  And you are currently viewing the fourth bedroom. Thankfully, they took out the wall in the 70's, because this is the space we need.  This house really would not have worked for us in any other way.
I know that open concept is all the rage right now, but it isn't always as glamorous as you see on t.v. Our last home was very 'open concept', but because of the size and configuration of rooms, it just felt like I could always touch my kitchen table while watching television.  And I was over that.  Now, our house has a few more defined spaces, but still open enough to feel connected while having friends and family over.  I also love that some of my favorite pyrex pieces look even better living in a room really dedicated to midcentury entertaining.  

besides the dining room table and chair, everything is mid-century, little items we picked up along the way

Carlisle Metal Chairs are from Target
Bristow Metal Chairs are from Wayfair
dining room table - handmade
all other items found thrifting or antiquing, here are a few of our favorite spots:

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